Eidolon Release

Eidolon Release

This Friday, August 17th at 5PM we’re releasing the second beer from the Beetje Series at the brewery.

Eidolon is a collaboration between our brewer, Sean Burke, and friend/brewer Sean White, who now brews for Jackie O’s in Athens, Ohio.

A sour, barrel aged amber farmhouse brewed with meyer lemon peel, jasmine green tea, jasmine flowers and New Zealand Hallertau hops, Eidolon was allowed to mature with two strains of brettanomyces in red wine barrels, then blended back together and conditioned in 750ml capped bottles. Available only in the bottle for $12 each or $135 for a case.

Below we have some photos Sean B. took of the brew day. We were really excited Sean White could come in a brew with us before his move to Ohio. In these photos you’ll see another friend of the brewery, Sam Pecoraro, who volunteered his time to significantly help zest lemons and brew the beer.

Eidolon is a bit of a departure from our core beers and we wanted the label to reflect the different approach. For those who have come into the tasting room you have hopefully noticed the wonderful chalkboard art by Sean Burke’s brother, Adam. The idea was to have something inspired by mystical folk art to hopefully correlate with the magical theme of the beer. In the end, we’re hoping that what’s inside the bottle is as great as the art Adam created.

When Mike left the garage and moved into our current facility he felt it important to pay homage to his nano-roots. We want to keep that spirit alive by releasing small batch beers several times a year. These beers will hopefully be more experimental, something that brings us out of our comfort zone, just as Mike did when he sent in a brewery application for his garage. For now, enjoy the photos and the beer and stay tuned.