Self Distribution – Let’s Try This Again

the_garageFor those following along, The Commons recently partnered with Morgan Distributing to distribute our beers throughout Oregon (see previous post). Morgan took over  distribution January 1, 2014 and things were going swimmingly. A handful of days into January we learned that Morgan had been purchased by A-B InBev. Speculation and rumors aside, this was quite a surprise and we were definitely disappointed. I’m confident ABI has a different business model than we do and as such I decided it was in our best interest to bring distribution back in house.

With that goal in mind, I began the legal journey to make it so. Oregon is a franchise state, which means regaining our right to distribute is not as simple as saying, “…thanks, but no thanks.” There are a number of stories/rumors out there about ABI /Morgan “dumping” all the craft brands in their portfolio. I don’t know all the details, or inner workings of this deal. I do know that I promptly started working with Morgan to exit our contract and within a few days we had reached an agreement to allow us to do just that. Reasonable people arriving at a reasonable solution.

Starting January 25th, 2014 we will begin self distribution again and will do so for the foreseeable future. The Commons team is well versed in self distribution and we take that privilege seriously. No doubt, it’s difficult work but we enjoy being able to build relationships with our retailers and customers. The beer will continue to flow throughout the Portland metro area and we are committing to a farther reach this year (Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, and Bend we are talking about you).

We wish our friends, the people, at Morgan all the best going forward.

– Mike