We’re a small brewery, which allows us to make many different beers, some regularly, while others are quick creative outbursts. Our rotating beers are brewed year round, but are not always in stock. Most of our beer is available on draft, but some are bottle conditioned in capped 750ml bottles.

Year Round
Beetje Series
Past Beers


Year Round

Urban Farmhouse Ale

ABV: 5.3% || Draft & Bottle

Bronze Medal Winner 2012 World Beer Cup
2013 Beer of the Year: Willamette Week
Best Beer 2012 by Portland Tribune
Best Belgian Style in the 2012  Northwest Brewing News Peoples Choice Awards

Traditionally, Farmhouse Ales were brewed on farms in the French and Flemish regions of Belgium. These beers were born out of necessity as most water was not potable and the farmers needed a refreshing beverage to offer the hardworking farmhands. Our rendition was developed in the spirit of that tradition. The beer pours golden with a floral nose and a soft underlying hop bitterness with a crisp finish.

Flemish Kiss

ABV: 6.5% || Draft & Bottle

Silver Medal 2012 Great American Beer Festival

Right out of primary fermentation this beer is decidedly an American Pale Ale, but as it enters secondary, a bridge to Belgium is built with a dose of Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. A 5 week maturation results in slightly dry, fruity beer with a hint of floral Brett character that will evolve over time.



ABV: 5% || Draft

A Northern German style Pilsner, which translates to a dry, crisp beer with a strong floral bitterness.


ABV: 6.5% || Draft

A hoppy, dry blonde ale inspired by the abbey blondes of Belgium. Very dry with a refreshing spicy hop bite from Willamette and Goldings with complementary esters from our Belgian ale strain.


ABV: 6% || Draft

Madrone is an amber saison with a hint of tartness and a big burst of fruity west coast hops. Citrus and tropical fruit in the nose this might be the closest to an IPA we’ll get.


ABV: 6% || Draft

A standard porter grist with chocolate wheat malt added for roast and body. Cascade hops are added for fruity hop flavor and aroma. Finally, it is fermented with one of our house Belgian Ale strains for a complimentary ester profile.


ABV: 4.5% || Draft

A Belgian amber ale with subtle maltiness and a fruity ester profile from our belgian yeast strain originally sourced from De Dolle Brouwers in Essen, Belgium.


ABV: 5.8% || Draft

This clean, slightly malty pale ale is the base beer of Flemish Kiss, our barrel aged beer with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis.




ABV: 4.8% || Draft

The refreshing wheat beers of Belgium are some of our favorite to drink. We’re planning on making a few different versions this summer, with the first being a traditional take on the style: coriander and orange peel. The coriander is a California grown variety that we picked up during the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego.

Haver Bier

ABV: 5.6% || Draft

Flemish for Oat, Haver Bier is a golden saison with a noble hop finish balanced by a creamy mouthfeel, and grainy pilsner malt flavor.

Berliner Weisse

ABV: 3.4% || Draft & Bottle

Our take on the traditional tart wheat beer of Berlin, Germany. The refreshing citrus tartness our house lactobacillus strain contributes works well with the grain profile from the wheat.



ABV: 6.8% || Draft

Sticke (shtee-ka) is a German special alt that is darker and stronger than traditional Düsseldorf altbiers.  Meaning ’Secret’, Sticke originated when brewers still measured ingredients by hand. When a brewer accidentally made a stronger, maltier beer, this secret was passed around by word of mouth and locals enjoyed the rich malt character and balanced, spicy hop flavor of this special brew.

Fleur de Ferme

ABV: 6% || Draft & Bottle

A dark farmhouse ale with hibiscus, lavender and chamomile added at the end of the boil. Malted Spelt provides a silky full body that supports the late-kettle flower additions.


Little Brother

ABV: 9% || Draft

Little Brother is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale. By Northwest standards an 9% beer may not be considered strong, but it is currently one of the biggest beers we produce. It pours dark brown, with shades of ruby and a creamy tan head. The flavor is dominated by caramel, and candy and offers a smooth finish.

Bourbon Little Brother

ABV: 10% || Bottle

A portion of Little Brother is added to Heaven Hill bourbon barrels after primary fermentation where it picks up a rich, bourbon flavor. After a few months this is then blended back with a non-barrel aged version that had been cold conditioning.

Oatmeal Stout

ABV: 5% || Draft

A traditional, full bodied, moderate alcohol stout with creamy oatmeal character coupled with notes of coffee and roast.



ABV: 5.1% || Draft & Bottle

Myrtle has a pleasant acidity from a Lactobacillus fermentation. Lemony Meridian hops grown in Silverton, OR enhance the citrus character of our house Lactobacillus strains and the fruity ester profile of our house farmhouse yeast.

Biere de Garde

ABV: 5.3% || Draft (Bottled Once Spring 2012)

Our Biere de Garde was inspired by the farmhouse beers brewed in Northern France and our friend Steve Jones, Proprietor and Cheesemonger at Cheese Bar in Portland, Oregon. Traditionally, Biere de Garde was brewed while the climate was cooler, then garded (lagered) during the cool months. This beer offers a soft and clean, malt forward flavor with a reserved hop profile.

Beetje Series

A Flemish word for ‘little bit’, the garage brewery lives on through these small batch, experimental, beers.

Brotherly Love

ABV: 10% || Released Every February

Brotherly Love is our Belgian Dark Strong Ale, Little Brother, aged in second-use Bourbon barrels with Northwest grown sour cherries and Ecuadorian cacao nibs roasted by Woodblock Chocolate in SE Portland.


ABV: TBD % || Release  Summer 2013

Eleanor is a golden farmhouse ale fermented in wine barrels with a mixture of Brettanomyces and bacteria cultures, some of which were grown by us from our favorite commercial sour beers.

Plum Bretta

ABV: TBD % || Release  Fall 2013

Plum Bretta starts as a golden farmhouse ale added into red wine barrels inoculated with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. In late summer we’ll pick, rinse and puree local Italian Plums and add this to the beer for approximately 5 weeks. The result is a tart, light purple beer with a complex nose and fruity flavor with likely contribution from wild yeast living on the plum skins.


ABV: TBD % || Release  TBD

Our take on one of our favorite styles: Flanders Red Ale. This will be a blended barrel aged red ale using a mixed culture from Rodenbach in Roesalare, Belgium.


ABV: 7.5% || Released Once, Summer 2012

Eidolon is a collaboration between our brewer, Sean Burke, and friend Sean White. A sour farmhouse ale with Meyer lemon juice and peel, jasmine green tea and flowers, and New Zealand Hallertau hops. It is then matured in wine barrels with two strains of brettanomyces.

Past Beers

Killer Weiss

ABV: 4.8%

Brewed for our friend, Angelo De Ieso, founder of the killer beer website Brewpublic for his killer going away party to celebrate his killer move down to the Bay Area. Along with a bunch of other brewers, we’re sending him off during KillerBeerFest 3.5 at Bailey’s Taproom, May 27th. Our present to Angelo is a low alcohol wheat beer soured with Lactobacillus fermented with Brettanomyces Lambicus.


ABV: 4.4%

This is the brewer’s beer. Enkel is the name for the table beer at many brewing monasteries. Our’s has malted spelt  for a creamy grain character and rich body, as well as malted rye for it’s characteristic spiciness.


ABV: 10%

Brewed for the 2012 Holiday Ale Fest, this was a Imperial Belgian Porter fermented with our yeast from De Dolle Brouwers, then finished with Boysenberries in the brite tank.


ABV: 4.8%

A cold fermented dark ale with a fruity hop profile from rarely used smaragd hops and a subtle roast character.

Saison de Pamplemousse

ABV: 4.8%

Translating to Season of Grapefruit, this is a wheat saison brewed with a blend of belgian yeasts with Oroblanco and Ruby Red Grapefruit zest and juice added

Golden Harvest

ABV: 5%

A cold fermented golden ale using our German ale strain with fresh lemon balm picked from our Head Brewer’s backyard.

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